Monday, May 25, 2015

The Age of Adaline

My Thoughts:

-    I had the pleasure of seeing this with Jenni, Suey, and Tori. Movies are always more fun with friends. 

-    I really enjoyed this. It spoke to me. I don't know why.

-    The narrator was a little weird but it worked. 

-    I loved the cast! They were perfect. Blake Lively is so elegant and lovely. Her portrayal of the character was perfect. I love how sophisticated and smart Adaline was because of her life's experiences.

-    I loved seeing Harrison Ford! He is so old now, but when he smiles you can see that glimmer of his younger self, and I love it. They cast the perfect guy to play Ford's younger self. His mannerisms, his voice, his looks, and especially his smile were spot on! I almost believed that was young Harrison Ford.

-    I saw this a while ago, but I often think about it still. It has stayed with me since I watched it.

-    I wish Ellis had been cuter, but he had a charming personality. He was a winner.

-    I loved the relationship Adaline had with her daughter. It was fun to see those moments.

-    The whole science behind this idea is totally bogus, but I liked the concept anyway.

-    The costumes were really great. Blake Lively looked amazing in everything she wore. I liked seeing the different clothes and hairstyles for different time periods.

-    Great date night movie!

Spoiler: (I cried and couldn't stop sniffling and crying when her dog died. It was SO sad!)


  1. I was sad when the dog died too. This one was only so so for me though.

  2. I really liked Ellis. And, the dog dying killed me. :( Good review.

  3. I'm glad to know you liked it! Haven't seen it yet, but it's on my list.