Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Bree and Katherine

I always forget to blog about going to author events! I need to be better about that.

On May 9th, I went to Bree Despain's launch party for The Eternity Key.
She calls this series The Little Series That Could because there has been so much opposition, but the series WILL be finished! It has been quite a journey for Bree, and I admire her for her diligence and determination to get this series published. I also admire her for loving her books so much that she would have rather seen the series die than put crap into her reader's hands.

Although she doesn't like to do it, Bree did a reading for us.

Jenni, Tori, and Suey were there too!

Bree signing the book!
She also had these cool Cupid's Arrow rings. Each color meant different things. I chose black which was anti-love.

A blurry picture of all of us 

On May 15, Jenni and I went to the Provo Library to see Katherine Applegate.

Here is Gene introducing the author:

Katherine had a great presentation. She told us the story of the real Ivan, and I was trying not to cry. She also told us about the book and the journey it took to being published.

I loved this picture! This is Katherine in her bed, in her pjs, with a notebook, and a TON of crumpled up pieces of paper. She said this is what an author looks like. Writing is process and it can be hard at times.

I bought the non-fiction picture book of the real story of Ivan for my daughter. Here is Katherine signing it.

This is the author signing The One and Only Ivan.

Another blurry picture with an author.

My new goal for the future is to bring a notebook and take notes and stuff during author events, and then I'll have info for blog posts!! I also try to put these up shortly after the event.


  1. Ha! I love that your goal is also to get non-blurry pictures with the author. I think it's so weird that people don't know how to focus a camera on a phone. EVERYONE HAS A SMART PHONE. It should be simple. ;)

    Great recaps. I still need to post about The One and Only Ivan event.

  2. I love how you did this :) I am planning on recapping my time at BEA, but I haven't had a chance to since I got back. (4 days of missed work means about 8 days OF work, you know). I did not get cool author photos, which is my fault, but I got a bunch of ARCs!

  3. I need to go to more of these. You guys always look like you have so much fun.

  4. Clearly I need to check out Bree Despain's series soon. Both events look like fun! Meeting authors is always amazing, isn't it? :)