Thursday, June 25, 2015

The Broadway Melody

My Thoughts:

-    Ever since I watched That's Entertainment, I've been wanting to watch more MGM musicals. I decided I'd like to watch them all in chronological order. This one was first!

-    This movie is SO old!!! Holly cow! The sound, picture, acting, and everything is SO bad! We've come a long way in movie technology.

-    The sound balance was terrible. The singing and talking voices were too quite, and there was too much background noise.

-    There were several awkward moments. I didn't think I'd feel awkward watching a movie from the 20s.

-    Did everyone kiss everyone back in the day? The two main girls cuddled and kissed. It was SO awkward. Everyone kissed each other in greeting. I'm so glad we don't do that anymore!

-    The musical numbers were really bad. The sound was awful, and the talent wasn't so great. When the two girls sang together, it was painful. 

-    All that being said, I can understand how this movie was revolutionary in its day.

1 comment:

  1. Wow, that's an old movie! Sorry it was so painful.