Thursday, June 18, 2015

The X-Men: Volume 7

5282027From Goodreads:    Collects Amazing Adventures #11-17, Marvel Team-Up #4, The Amazing Spider-Man #92, The Incredible Hulk #150, 161,
plus the covers to The X-Men #67-80 and Annual #1-2

My Thoughts:

-    I'm still angry I can't find the paperbacks anymore. My set doesn't match!

-    It is hard to believe that The X-Men almost disappeared. It is sad that they weren't selling. I'm glad they made a comeback!

-    I love background/origin stories. It is my favorite part about superheroes! I love knowing the legend behind the legend. Learning how Beast was transformed into a furrier version of himself was so intriguing to me.

-    I always believed that Beast made himself blue and furry because he was trying to find a cure for the mutant gene, but it was the exact opposite. He was creating a formula so that anyone could become a mutant. 

-    I liked how this book was a compilation of several different comic book series. The X-Men members made a lot of appearances in other Marvel stories. I liked seeing the different heroes and how they interacted. 

-    The illustrations are definitely getting more defined and detailed. It is so fun to see how these comics progressed.

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  1. I didn't realize X-Men was in danger of not being read. Even though I haven't read them, I love X-Men. They're my favorite out of any of the superheroes.