Monday, November 27, 2017


My Thoughts:

-    Olaf's Frozen Adventure is the short before the movie, and it is the longest "short" film ever! I enjoyed it, but when it was over, I felt ready to go home. I'd seen my movie! It is long!

-    I LOVED Coco!! It was heartwarming and fun. I went through such a range of emotions, and yes, I even cried. It has a lot of touching moments at the end.

-    The CG is beautiful! The characters eyes are amazing, and the environment is amazing! The water looked so real. 

-    This movie is rich with culture and family. I loved it!

-    I LOVE LOVE LOVE that the name of the movie is Coco! It is so awesome! You'll understand after you see it.

-    This is definitely one I'll be buying for our collection!


  1. I want to see Coco so much! I've heard the short is not short at all! I'm prepared! I'm glad you liked Coco!

    1. I will go with you! I'd love to see it again.

  2. Hmmm.... maybe I'll watch it someday! LOL!

  3. We're going to see it this weekend probably. And we've heard the same thing- the short is LONG

  4. I want to see this one but the hubby won’t go with me. Oh well. I’ll see it eventually.

  5. I definitely want to see this one. It looks so cute and I've heard great reviews. Maybe I'll take my girls this weekend when the hubs is out of town :)