Wednesday, November 1, 2017

The Icebound Land

127823Goodreads Synopsis:    Kidnapped after the fierce battle with Lord Morgarath, Will and Evanlyn are bound for Skandia as captives aboard a fearsome wolfship. Halt has sworn to rescue Will, and he will do anything to keep his promise–even defy his King. Expelled from the Rangers he has served so loyally, Halt is joined by Will's friend Horace as he travels toward Skandia. On their way, they are challenged constantly by freelance knights–but Horace knows a thing or two about combat. Soon he begins to attract the attention of knights and warlords for miles around with his uncanny skill. Even so, will they be in time to rescue Will from a horrific life of slavery?

My Thoughts:

-    These books are so amazing! I can't praise them enough!

-    This book breaks my heart, but it also mends it again. What happens to Will is so sad, and if you don't cheer and cry a little bit at the end, you have no soul.

-    I loved getting to know Evanlyn better, and I love how strong and determined she is. Even though she has lived a life of luxury, she doesn't cower away from hardship. She endures hard things with dignity and bravery. I love that about her. 

-    I also loved getting to know Erak's character. He is a strong and fearsome dude, but he also has a gentle side, but not too gentle. 

-    I loved the interactions between Horace and Halt. Their part in the story was a welcome reprieve from all the terrible stuff Will and Evanlyn were enduring. The humor between Halt and Horace cracked me up! 

-    I admire Halt's loyalty to Will. He did whatever it took to go after him. 

-    Even though I've read this before, I still couldn't read fast enough. The story is so gripping, and I just have to read what happens next. 

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  1. You're cruising right through these! I wish I could cruise through some books right now.