Friday, November 3, 2017

The Battle for Skandia

144350From Goodreads:    For Will and Evanlyn, freedom has never felt so fleeing.

Still far from their homeland after escaping slavery in the icebound land of Skandia, the Ranger's apprentice and the princess's plan to return to Araluen is spoiled when Evanlyn is taken captive by a Temujai warrior. Though still weakened by the warmweed's toxic effects, Will employs his Ranger training to locate his friend, but an enemy scouting party has him fatally outnumbered. Will is certain death is close at hand, until old friends make a daring, last-minute rescue. The reunion is cut short, however, when they make a horrifying discovery: Skandia's borders have been breached by the entire Temujai army. And Araluen is next in their sights. 

If two kingdoms are to be saved, the unlikeliest of unions must be made. Will it hold long enough to vanquish a ruthless new enemy? Or will past tensions spell doom for all? 

The battles and drama are nonstop in Book Four of this hugely popular epic.

My Thoughts:

-    I love this Skandia heavy book in the series! I enjoyed getting to know the Skandian culture better, and I liked visiting their country. It makes me excited to read the Brotherband series. 

-    Erak is such a great character! I loved getting to know him better, and I loved his interactions with Halt. I loved their mutual appreciation for each other. 

-    I love how important each character is to the story. They all have moments to shine. 

-    The battle sequences were awesome! I love the strategy and tactics. I would never want to go to war against John Flanagan. He is so brilliant! 

-    The humor in this book is so great! I laughed out loud several times, especially because of Halt and Erak. 

-    I'm so glad Will and Evanlyn got to go home. The ending in this book is one to celebrate!

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