Thursday, July 6, 2017

Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon, Vol 9-10

13643021From Goodreads:    Amidst the chaos caused by Usagi and Chibi-Usa's body swap, courtesy of the Amazoness PallaPalla, the Sailor Guardians' primary concern remains Mamoru's illness and its possible link to the newcomers in town, the Dead Moon Circus. The Amazonesses and their circus animal lackeys go after the Guardians one by one, tempting them with false visions. However, each of the Guardians manage to defeat the enemy after their inner selves shows them their individual heart crystals and new power. Meanwhile, it is still a toss up who the "young maiden" is that Elysion priest Helios seeks: She who shall find and unlock the Golden Crystal that will save Earth, Elysion and Mamoru! 

My Thoughts:

-    I wish the author had done more with Usagi and Chibi-Usa switching bodies. It didn't last very long. 

-    I like that each guardian is getting their own trial to overcome, but all the trials are the same. I really want each individual guardian to get a moment in the spotlight. They all kind of just blend together and don't do much.

-    The stories and enemies are really repetitive. The manga could have ended sooner.

-    I'd like Chibi-Usa to go home and for everything to just wrap up now. 

15732827From Goodreads:    The threat of the Dead Moon Circus is so great that the outer planet Guardians return to fight alongside their compatriots. But with Usagi now coughing up black blood as well, are they too late? 

And to make things worse, Queen Nehelenia's servant, Zirconia, casts another curse upon Usagi and Mamoru, sending them both back into childhood. However, Helios whisks away their spirits to Elysion, where they manage to break free and return to their true forms. 

After they rejoin their companions, the final showdown against Queen Nehelenia herself begins! Will the Sailor Guardians and Tuxedo Mask manage to save Earth and Elysion before the Queen transforms them into eternal realms of nightmares?

My Thoughts:

-    Sailor Pluto has darker skin in the manga, but when there is a picture of all the guardians, she looks the same as the others. What is up with that? 

-    Princess Serenity's birth celebration is just like that famous scene in Sleeping Beauty where Maleficent curses Aurora. 

-    This whole time I thought Luna was a boy and Artemis was a girl, but then they turned into humans, and I was wrong. Whoops! 

-    Is it done yet? I'm ready for the series to end. 

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  1. I admire your stamina. You're stuck in quite a few series you wish would end, aren't you?