Monday, July 24, 2017

Spider-Man Homecoming

My Thoughts:

-    As a movie, I thought it was pretty entertaining. As a Marvel fan, they screwed a lot of things up. 

-    I liked Spider-Man. They did a good job on his character, and I liked the actor. 

-    While I enjoyed seeing Robert Downey Jr. in this movie, I was bugged that Iron Man had such a large roll in Spider-Man's life. It bugged!

-    It also bugged me that Spider-Man was pining after the Avengers. He was always a solo act, and he was good at it. 

-    Let's talk about Vulture. What were they thinking? I admit that I liked Michael Keaton as a bad guy, but I thought they invented a new villain. It never occurred to me that it was Vulture. They really messed up his character. They also messed up Shocker. 

-    The Captain America videos cracked me up.

-    The action was fun, but sometimes it was hard to see what was happening. 

-    MJ pissed me off! THAT IS NOT MARY JANE!! Can we get a Spider-Man movie with Felicia in it!? There are so many movies, but no Felicia! Come on people!! 

-    Stan Lee's cameo was hilarious and awesome as always! I love that man! 

p.s. After the movie, I realized I wore a DC shirt to a Marvel movie. Whoops!!


  1. Yes!!! I totally agree! It was entertaining enough but a bit long and I was bugged with iron man's role. It was too big. And really? That's Mary Jane? Please!
    They totally need Felicia. But not just Felicia The Black Cat. I love!!!! The Black Cat.

  2. I'm glad you and Jenny can bond over your dislike/annoyances for these movies, lol. Having not read any of the comics, I'm sure when I see it that I'll like it just fine, lol. I'm sorry you guys had issues. I'm glad you at least liked it as a "movie."