Saturday, March 9, 2013

Fruits Basket: Volume 9

Fruits Basket, Vol. 9 (Fruits Basket, #9)Goodreads Synopsis:    Finally summer has arrived! While Tohru struggles through bipolar days of hope and anxiety, what will happen when Yuki comes face-to-face with the new member of the student council?! And... is Uo-chan crazy in love?! Who's that she's hanging out with?! Plus, Hana-chan's past is finally disclosed in a bonus feature! Come join the party in the 9th volume of the super-popular Fruits Basket!

My Thoughts:

-    Did Tohru get a haircut? She did! I like it!

-    Did Yuki, Kyo, and Momiji get taller? 

-    The art has improved some, and I like the dialogue bubbles better.

-    Uotani looks different. It's the hair!

-    We got to know more about Hanajima's past in this volume. It was interesting. I'd like to know more about her powers!

-    I really like that they put fan art in the back of each issue!

-    Momiji is growing on me.

-    The pages in this book are thicker than the others.

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