Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Case File 13: Zombie Kid

Case File 13: Zombie KidBack of the Book:    Nick, Carter, and Angelo are obsessed with all things monster.  Every year at Halloween, they get to show off their knowledge with elaborate homemade costumes.  Only this year, a surprise trip to the house of an aunt who may have been a voodoo queen throws a major wrench in the boys' plans.  Nick discovers a cursed amulet that turns him into a real monster - a zombie - and to him and his friends, that is...awesome! At first.

    But when the whole zombie thing gets a little out of hand (literally), the boys must go on a chilling adventure to reverse the curse.  One that involves a talking cat, a skeleton who likes candy corn, and even the dreaded Zombie King himself.

    Case File 13 is a satisfying new series that blends irreverent humor, light chills, a mysterious narrator, and the kind of authentic characters that will leave young readers convinced this story is about their own best friends.

My Thoughts:

-    This was a really fun and humorous book!  I thoroughly enjoyed it!

-    Why are the hands only on the Ms and Ws in the chapter descriptions?  I know this is really random, but I just happened to notice, and I was curious.

-    I liked the chapter titles.  They were funny.  In response to a couple of them:  After reading Chapter 8, I'm still a dog person.  I read Chapter 9 right before bed (around 10:30 PM), and I was ok.

-    Old man Dashner huh?  Is that a coincidence or a bit a of a cameo?  No wonder James Dashner said this was "the perfect book."

-    It might just be me, but the 3 boys reminded me an awful lot of the 3 chipmunks.  There was a tall smart one with glasses, and the other one was constantly eating.  Plus, they have 3 girls that are their rivals.  I just kept picturing the trio like Alvin, Simon, and Theodore, and there are some strange similarities.  It is a good thing I'm a chipmunk fan, cause this just added to the enjoyment.  

-    I love how the Nick picture at the beginning of each chapter changes.  

-    Angelo's "trick" was disgusting yet funny.  I would be in shock if I someone do that!

-    I thought the story really flowed, and I enjoyed it from beginning to end.  The ending is especially clever and fun.  

-    The 3 boys were so funny.  I loved their characters.  They were such typical boys, and it cracked me up!  

-    I hope Savage writes more with these characters.  I'd love to read more about them and crazy situations.  I'd also like to see more rivalry stuff between the guys and the girls.  

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