Wednesday, October 16, 2013

The Black Cauldron

Goodreads Synopsis:    Peace reigns in Caer Dallben, where Taran works as Assistant Pig-Keeper, but evil threatens the rest of Prydain. The diabolical Arawn’s army grows every day, and his terrible warriors never die. They are born in the Black Cauldron from the stolen bodies of slain soldiers. If evil is to be defeated, the cauldron must be destroyed. Taran volunteers to travel to Arawn’s stronghold and assist in the destruction of the dreaded cauldron. With his faithful friends reassembled, Taran marches off to face great danger with a courageous heart.

My Thoughts:

-    Another epic adventure in Prydain! I love this series! 

-    Our friends set out to complete an impossible task, and new characters are introduced, some good, some bad. 

-    Gurgi's endless bag of food would be really handy. I wish I had one...but with an endless supply of money!

-    Ellidyr was an interesting fellow. His character development was my favorite. He was probably the deepest person in the story. 

-    Adaorn reminds me of the Lord Yupa from Nausicaa of the Valley of the Wind. I don't know why, but he does. Perhaps it is his wisdom.

-    Taran is a natural leader. He doesn't really ask to lead, but he naturally does it, and his friends follow him diligently. I hope my friends are as loyal as Taran's.

-    There were some tender moments in this book. The characters grieved and made difficult decisions. 

-    These books have something for everyone. I think no matter gender or age, these books will entertain and excite you! 

First book in The Chronicle of Prydain Series
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