Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Top Ten Tuesday

Top Ten Book Turnoffs

Graphic Sex  -  If there is a lot of descriptive sex, I'll usually put it down.

Whippin' it Out  -  If a man whips out his you know what, I refuse to continue reading!

Boring  -  If a book is extremely boring, and I just can't continue reading, I don't.

Way Too Many Characters  -  If I can't keep track of who is who, I usually quit. It is confusing and not fun.

Super Whiny Chicks  -  I hate hate hate super whiny girls. I might continue to read and I might not. It depends on how whiny. 

Preachy  -  I don't like a ton of religion in a book, even if it is my religion! .I'm fine if a character has beliefs or a religion, but I hate it when books get over the top with religion, and/or the characters become super preachy.

Bogus Stuff  -  If the author gets their facts wrong or if something is totally bogus, It is a BIG turnoff to me! Things need to make sense, and it needs to be believable. Even in fantasy, things need to work in the world created. There needs to be constraints.

Hard to Read Writing  -  If the editing is bad, I won't read. It is painful. If the language is weird, like slang, southern, etc. I have a hard time reading that stuff. I only made it a few pages into Blood Red Road.

Unoriginal  -  If a book is ripoff of other books, movies, comics, etc., I usually quit. I might finish the first book in a series, but I won't continue. 

Excessive Swearing  -  I hate it when books contain profanity for shock factor! LAME! I don't need a ton of F-bombs to know something is bad or someone is angry!


  1. Argh, number 3!! I can't stand that either. Same thing with locations or tribe names. So confusing. My TTT

  2. Great list. I can't believe I forgot to mention getting the facts wrong. I run into that more in self-pubs, but seriously if you don't know enough about a subject either do major research, or don't write about it. Drives me crazy. I also agree about too many characters. I get confused and lost. Thanks for visiting my TTT.