Monday, September 30, 2013

Discussion Post: Parts 7-10

It's the end of our Read Along, and I like to say thanks to everyone who participated in our adventure. We had some fun discussions and chats. I hope those of you who read it for the first time have fallen in love, and I hope those of you who re-read it fell in love all over again. 

I had a lot of fun hosting this with my friends!
Kathy from Read This Instead is hosting our last discussion post today.

Here are my answers to her questions:

1. How did you feel when Max had to leave the Hubermanns? What did you expect would happen to him?

I was really upset and scared. I really hoped that he would find a safe place or make it out of Germany somehow, but I also was scared he was going to be captured and killed.

2. Why do you think Liesel ran out to Max when they finally did cross paths, even after she had seen what happened to Hans earlier in the book?

How could she not!?!? Max and Liesel understood each other on a unique level. I don't think they could help look for each other. They were family to each other.

3. What did you think of Death spoiling the ending a couple chapters before it actually happened? Did the warning make it easier to handle?

I always think I'm prepared for the end, but I'm not. I always cry, and my heart always breaks. I think the foreshadowing and spoiler alerts were fitting, and it just felt right that Death said things when he did.

4. Which death impacted you the most?

Rudy and Hans usually kill me. I like and hate how Liesel find each character and mourns them. Rudy just kills me. I just want to yell at Liesel!!! Why couldn't she have given him a kiss before it was too late!?!?!? I think I cry hardest for Hans. He is the first person she cries out for, and Death knew Liesel loved her papa best. I actually mourned a lot for Rosa this time. She really stood out to me this read through. 

5. How did your view of Ilsa Herman change over the course of the book? 

She starts out as a pathetic creature, but she grows into a sort of silent hero. There were a few small victories at the end, and one of them was that Liesel would go live with the Hermans. She had someone familiar and understanding to take care of her. I love when Ilsa leaves cookies for Rudy and Liesel!

6. The power of words is such a big theme throughout the book. Which instances of powerful words stuck out to you? Or, which quotes from the book stuck out to you?

The part where Liesel is in Ilsa's library and destroys a book really stand out to me. She loves words so much, but she also realizes that word can be dangerous as well. I think an overall theme in the book is words are power!

7. In this post Markus Zusak says:
In many ways I felt that the book is about Liesel’s different kind of loves - for Hans, for Rosa, for Rudy and Max, and for books and living in general.
Which of those loves resonated with you most?

All of them really. This is one of the reasons the book is so beautiful. Liesel is so alone and scared when she comes to live with the Hubermanns, but she grows to love and trust different people in different ways. 

8. Thoughts on Liesel and Death finally meeting? 

It was like they already knew each other. I feel like they were greeting each other in a way that old friends would. I love that Death gave Liesel her book back. It would have been a hard thing to let go, but I think Death knew the book ultimately belonged to the author. 

9. If this was your first time reading The Book Thief, is it what you expected?
If it was a reread, what did you notice this time around?

Rosa and how much I like her stuck out a lot more this time around. This was my 3rd read through. The part where Rosa holds Hans' accordian all night, when Rosa comes to school to tell Liesel Max was awake, and the end when Death describes how much love Rosa had really stood out. 

10. Will you see the movie?

YES!!!! I can't wait!!! I know I will cry like a blubbering idiot though.

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  1. I love your answers, Kami! The part where Liesel starting ripping up the book in the library really got to me, too. It was like everything she'd ever felt about books and words coming out all at once. I loved the part where she finally met up with Death and got her book back, too. Really, I loved all of it.
    I'm so glad you and Suey did the readalong with me! :)

  2. Kami, ditto on WHY COULDN'T LIESEL HAVE KISSED RUDY!?!?! Kills me. And I cried for Hans as well! Great answers. It has been fun visiting your blog and getting to know you better. Hopefully we can stay in touch :)

  3. I was worried about Max too! I was by far the most sad about Rudy and I think it was the lost opportunity for Liesel to let him know she loved him too that made me the most sad. Honestly, as much as I loved this book, I'm not sure I could knowingly put myself through reading that ending! I loved the book, but it was pretty heartbreaking.

  4. The part were Liesel ripped the book stood out the most to me with the power of words. I quoted almost that whole section in my post. :)

  5. I agree. Why couldn't she have kissed Rudy before it was too late?! And Hans. When she cries out for him as she's pulled from the basement! Yeah, I lost it. So sad.