Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Genie in a Bottle

26892072From Goodreads:    Abby and her little brother, Jonah, have a magic mirror in their basement that takes them to different fairy tales -- which they always wind up messing up. But sometimes, it's for the better: Snow White doesn't eat the apple, Cinderella gets a job she loves, etc. In this enchanting ninth installment, the siblings fall into the story of Aladdin. They're excited to be in this world of magic carpets and genies ... but making three wishes isn't so easy, and soon hilarities and hijinks ensue! These books are feminist fairy tales for a new generation.

My Thoughts:

-    This book wasn't great, but it wasn't bad either. I liked it, but it is one of those books that sits right in the middle of a rating scale. It is enjoyable, but I think I'm getting burnt out on this series.

-    I really liked the twist on genie in this book. It was fun to see the genie learn new tricks, and she had a fun personality.

-    Aladdin seemed really young. I felt like he wasn't much older than Abbey.

-    The story was a fun play on the original story. I never know how things will change in these stories, but I'm always pleased.

-    I'm still curious about Maryrose and what happened to her. Will I ever get to find out? Does this series end?

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  1. That's too bad that you're getting burnt out. It looks like a fun series but maybe a bit tedious.

  2. This looks like a cute series (I love fairy tale retellings), but I can see how they would get tiring after so many books.