Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Fruits Basket: Volume 2

Fruits Basket, Vol. 2 (Fruits Basket, #2)Goodreads Bit:    The enigmatic Sohma family shares a great secret -- they are possessed by spirits of the Chinese Zodiac, and when they are hugged by members of the opposite sex, they transform into their Zodiac animal! Tohru Honda, an orphaned high school freshman, is given lodging in the Sohma household in exchange for taking care of household chores. The humble Tohru is quite grateful for the Sohma family's generosity, but the longer she stays with them, the more they realize what a blessing she is in their lives as well.

My Thoughts:

-    I want to meet this author.  She seems awesome! I love her little notes randomly placed throughout the book.

-    Not my favorite style of anime I've seen, but it's good.

-    I want to learn how to make onigiri!

-    I would make a better rabbit that Momiji. I can't believe my zodiac is the weird German kid.

-    Yuki is such a girl!

-    What is with the sea horse!?!?! There is no sea horse zodiac!

-    This love triangle is really buggin' me.

-    Tohru has some amazing friends!

Series Info:

This is Volume 2 in the Fruits Basket series. Click on the cover below to see my thoughts on the first volume.

Fruits Basket, Vol. 1 (Fruits Basket, #1)

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