Wednesday, February 13, 2013

The Mirror of Merlin

The Mirror Of Merlin (The Lost Years of Merlin, #4)From Goodreads:    What is the nature of fate? Is young Merlin destined to be a powerful wizard, or does he have a choice? These are the questions Merlin must answer as he travels with the deer woman Hallia to the Haunted Marsh where the marsh ghouls have begun a campaign of destruction. Or are the ghouls being manipulated by an even greater source of evil? An evil that seeks to destroy not the marsh, but Merlin himself? Here, in the fourth installment of the Lost Years of Merlin, epic master storyteller T. A. Barron weaves a tale of humor, adventure, and surprise as Merlin unravels the mystery of the Haunted Marsh, meets a boy named Arthur, and travels through a mirror of mist that brings him face to face with his destiny.

My Thoughts:

-    The story wasn't very good in this one.  Merlin kinda just traveled around.  It got better about half way through.

-    The Ballymag's dialogue is annoying.  I had to slow down to read what he said.

-    Merlin hasn't said chants to do magic before.  Why does he need to now?

-    Merlin is still very arrogant and ornery.  Will he ever learn?

-    I loved that they added Ector into the story!

-    I think I'm getting burnt out on these books.  I will probably take a break and read something else before tackling the last book.

Series Info:

This is the 4th book in the Lost Years of Merlin series.  To see my thoughts on the previous books, click on the covers below.

  The Fires Of Merlin (The Lost Years of Merlin, #3)

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  1. Well, it sounds like this one was either a bit of a let down or you're just worn out from the series. Maybe taking a step back will help.