Monday, February 25, 2013

The Oscars

My Thoughts:

-    My picks for Best Dressed:  I loved Jaime Foxx's daughter's dress! I also really liked Zoe Saldana's dress, especially the bottom.  Robert Downey Jr. looked hot!

-    My picks for Worst Dressed:  Halle Berry and Nicole Kidman! I did not like their dresses. Kristen Stewart looked terrible!! She looked like she just got done working the corner. Her hair was messy and she looked stoned.

-    I loved the old school photos of fashion sketches on the red carpet! They had a picture of Audrey Hepburn in her gown from Roman Holiday! 

-    Anne Hathaway's hair is growing back nicely. I loved how it was styled.

-    Chris Evans brought his mom to the Oscars! Awww! Such a Captain America thing to do!

-    PAPERMAN WON!!!! I was really happy about that!

-    I'm glad Brave won, but I wish it had been Wreck-It-Ralph.

-    Samuel L. Jackson just needed a pipe and a newspaper to go with his outfit!

-    The Hobbit should have won for hair and makeup just for those dwarves!

-    For the Les Mis cast (the ladies) I liked their performance dresses more than their other dresses. That performance was really cool by the way. It still blows my mind that Anne Hathaway can sing like that.

-    Anne Hathaway totally deserved her oscar!!

-    Seth McFarlane kept cracking up at his own jokes. I thought he did good, and it was a very Seth McFarlane night.

-    The little Sound of Music bit was awesome! 

-    Go KATNISS!!

-    I feel like the people who made Life of Pi were taking ALL the credit for creating a wonderful story, and I just wanted to yell at them "IT WAS A BOOK FIRST!"

-    I wanted to see so many of those movies, and I want to see them even more now, but I wish a lot of them weren't rated R. Grrrr!! 


  1. I'm not sure why, but I didn't watch this year. I think that it may have just been because everyone who was touted to win actually took home the trophy (sometimes I root for the underdog). I did see some great gifs of the show though, and you're so right about RDJ :)

  2. I'm so disappointed that you didn't say anything about Jack Nicholson. Did you think he looked like he had shrunk?! I know it was his tux, but he just looked like a little person. I couldn't get over it, lol.