Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Fruits Basket: Volume 6

Fruits Basket, Vol. 6 (Fruits Basket, #6)Goodreads Bit:    Delving into the recesses of Kyo's past, we find the Sohma trio returning home on a rainy day. There, a mysterious man who has known Kyo for a long time meets them. Trust, loyalty and the bonds of family and friendship are tested, as Tohru must help Kyo deal with the "monsters" that he's been trying to avoid.

My Thoughts:

-    I'm glad we got to learn more about Kyo in this one. He seems like such a complicated person.

-    Is the cat the only one with another form? Why is that? How does that work? Do the beads prevent him from changing? I'm so confused!

-    After reading this issue, I feel like I just have more questions about everyone!

-    This whole love triangle is really irking me! I think Tohru has so much to offer both Yuki and Kyo.

-    The boys in this manga are pretty dramatic. They are even more dramatic than the girls. It is bit sad. 

-    I can't believe the character on the cover is a boy! Yeesh!

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