Monday, February 11, 2013

The Dark Knight Rises

My Thoughts:

-    I was really disappointed.  The last movie was so awesome, and it was going to be tough to follow, but this was just really disappointing.

-    Bane isn't big enough, and his voice is really lame.  I couldn't understand half of what he said!  He wasn't even Bane.  They could have called him a different name and no one would have known it was supposed to be Bane.  They really messed up on him.  How does he eat?

-    Anne Hathaway did good as Catwoman.  I was impressed by her performance.  There were a couple moments where her fighting looked jerky and awkward, but she did good overall.

-    They took A LOT more liberties with this movie than they did in the previous 2.  I didn't like it at all!!  I could forgive the discrepancies in the other movies cause they still had the essence of Batman, but this movie had too many changes.

-    Batman's plane looks more like a cockroach or a beetle than a bat.

-    Why did they make Batman a cry baby?  That really bugged me!!  Batman would NEVER turn into a cry baby like that!!  He NEVER would tell Alfred to get lost, and there would NEVER be a time when Gotham doesn't need Batman.  There are too many villains!  

-    They really messed up on Talia...I'm not even gonna go there!  They just really screwed up.

-    They made the same mistake as the older Batman movies!  They added WAY too many characters into a single film.  They should have used the other characters that they developed through 2 movies.  They just shoved Gordon into a hospital and got him out of the way, and they got rid of Alfred early on.  Then they added in Bane, Catwoman, Robin, a  new cop dude, and Talia!!  This was a bad decision!

-    This movie didn't have the intensity that I loved about previous movies, so disappointing!

-    The story was lacking!  They really didn't think this one through.

-    I want a do over please!!  

Tyson's Thoughts:

-    I really like Anne Hathaway.  She was a good Catwoman.

-    I could only understand every 3rd word Bane said.  Why was he German?

Hubby:    Slept through half the movie!

Series Info:

This was the 3rd movie in the Batman trilogy.  Click on the pictures below to see my thoughts on the better movies.



  1. LOL! I love how much you love Batman! So much so that you're bothered by the discrepancies. I feel that way about X-Men. Oh the pain! The movies just make me cringe!

  2. I'm sad you didn't like the movie. It loved it. It was one of my favorites last year. But, I understand since you love Batman so much. I don't follow the comics very much, so I just like the movies for what they are.