Friday, February 1, 2013

The Seven Songs of Merlin

The Seven Songs of Merlin (The Lost Years of Merlin, #2)From the Dust Jacket:    Young Merlin has brought new hope to Fincayra, the enchanted isle that lies between earth and sky.  Having finally freed it from the terrible Blight, Merlin and the forest girl Rhia set out to heal the land using the magical Flowering Harp.  But Fincayra remains in great danger still - and the first victim of the renewed tide of evil is Merlin's own mother.

Merlin's sole hope of saving his mother's life is to master the Seven Songs of Wisdom passed down from the greatest wizard Fincayra has ever known, Merlin's grandfather Tuatha.  Only then can he voyage to the Otherworld of the spirits and obtain the precious Elixir of Dagda.  Yet to do that he must first succeed where even Tuatha failed - by defeating Balor, the ogre whose merest glance means death.  Even more difficult, Merlin must discover the secret of seeing not with his eyes, but with his heart.

This second book in the The Lost Years of Merlin epic combines all the passion, power, and spiritual depth that are T.A. Barron's hallmarks.  It adds a thrilling new dimension to the legend of Merlin, even as it offers lasting inspiration to us all.

My Thoughts:

-    I like how Barron imagined Stonehenge to be created, but how does it get to Earth and England? 

-    Merlin is SO frustrating!!  He is an arrogant jerk who thinks very highly of himself.  It gets a little better towards the end, and learns some humility, but most of the book, he is arrogant.

-    I'm grateful there is a map in the front of the book.  It helped since there was a ton of traveling.

-    I love how Merlin receives Excalibur!  Naming was my favorite song!  I loved that whole part.

-    Can't Merlin follow any orders/rules/directions/warnings!!!  FAIL!

-    While I'm on a rant, what was the point of Bumbelwy?  He was completely useless and didn't add anything to the story.  Even the characters complained about him tagging along.

-    I thought the whole story and plot of this book was well done.  I love that Merlin had to learn so many things, and I can see how he uses these precious lessons in the future.  

-    It is really fun reading a story about a character you already know.  We already know what happens to Merlin in the future, so it is interesting to see how he is becoming this great wizard.  

-    I love the little Arthur hints.

-    Overall, I enjoyed the book, but dang some of the characters bugged me!

Series Info:

This is the 2nd book in the Lost Years of Merlin series.  To see my thoughts on the first book, click the cover below.

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