Monday, June 2, 2014

Library Books Read-a-Thon

 photo LibraryReadathon2014_zps1ebc4cdf.jpg

Even though I'm doing a read along right now, I'm going to participate in 
Library Books Read-a-Thon.
I read a lot of books anyway, and most, if not all, are from my library.

This event will also help me get ahead on my libraries summer reading program! 
Woo! More prizes for me!


  1. Thanks for joining Kami. I'm excited for the fun to begin.

    1. Thanks again for the reminder! I completely forgot about it!

  2. I still need to go sign up for that. I think I'll do that today. I need to pick up a book from the library anyway. But, read-a-thons and I aren't friends. Something inevitably ALWAYS comes up and prevents me from reading during it. So, I'd rather just read, lol.