Thursday, June 19, 2014

Only the Good Spy Young


My Thoughts:

-    This is probably my favorite of the series so far. It was more intense with a lot of new twists and action. The stakes are getting higher. 

-    Cammie should be more worried about whether she can trust Zach or not and less about if she likes him or not. I don't trust him. He is shady.

-    So many questions, so little answers. I get frustrated with the "I can't tell you" answers. Grrr! Cammie has a right to know why her life is in danger.

-    It was fun to FINALLY see Blackthorne, at least part of it.

-    I feel like there are a lot of answers in Cammie's family history. I wish the books would delve into that more. 

-    I'm dying to find out what happened to Cammie's dad! 

-    I love Cammie's friends! 

-    I feel like the series is really taking off now, and I'm excited for the next two books.

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