Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Two Towers Book 3 Answers

Sorry I never got around to giving answers to the Book 1 questions!

1.    Do you like how the book is split? Book 3 is all about Merry, Pippin, Aragorn, Legolas, and Gimli, and book 4 is all about Frodo and Sam.

Yes! I really like this. I like that I didn't have to go back and forth trying to remember what just happened. I liked being able to read their different story lines completely. 

2.    What differences between the book and movie do you like?

Boromir's death was way more epic in the movie. 

3.    What differences between the book and movie do you dislike?

I don't want to spoil anything, but I don't like that Saruman dies at Isengard in the movie!! I get that didn't want to show what actually happened, but . . .

4.    Why do you think Grima Wormtongue threw the Palantir out the window?

I don't get it? Why would he give his enemies something like that? Why would he want to piss of Saruman? I think he is just a spiteful little worm that just does stupid things. Maybe he thought it would be bad for Saruman and Gandalf. 

5.    Have you noticed any differences in character from Gandalf the Grey to Gandalf the White?
Gandalf the White seems more sure of himself. He seems more wise, and he always knows what to do. I think his magic has increased as well. 

6.    What was your favorite moment or scene in the book?

I love when Gimli and Legolas count their kills! They turn war into a competition between them. It is funny.

I really love Gimli and Legolas's friendship in the book. 

7.    Magic always has to have constraints. If it didn't, we'd want all the problems to be solved with magic. There is some powerful magic in Lord of the Rings. How do you think it works? What are the constraints? Why doesn't Gandalf just transport the ring to the Mount Doom or wipe out the armies with magic?

I feel like the magic can't always be used. It is like a gift. 

I also think there are physical constraints. The user can only do what they can physically bear. 

I think willpower had a lot to do with it too. Frodo has to constantly fight the influence of the ring. The ring is constantly trying to fight it's way back to it's master. Willpower seems to be a big theme when magic is involved. 

8.     I feel like Tolkien wasn't a fan of technology or machinery. Did you pick up on any of that?

Saruman's wheels and everything are evil, and they are frowned upon by everyone! The Ents, being one of the oldest beings in Middle Earth and trees, go to war against Saruman and his machines.

Each race works with the land and doesn't destroy it, except for men of course. Dwarves care for the mountains, Elves care for trees, hobbits build their homes insides hillsides. I feel like Tolkien loved the Earth. 

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  1. I can totally see where you're coming from on the technology thing now. I just didn't look at it that deeply, I guess.

    I love your answer about the magic. And, I love Gimli and Legolas's friendship too. It made me smile and laugh with they were keeping count of their orc slaying.