Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Launch Party for RC Lewis

Last night I had the pleasure of attending the launch party for R. C. Lewis. I'm really excited to read her book! She was accompanied by 7 other authors.

Here is me and Jenni waiting for the event to start. I don't know why I'm making a weird face. The picture that Jenni took is way more awesome than mine.

Instead of waiting in a side room before the event, the authors just mingled right there in the ballroom. It was different.

The pow wow with Courtney.

Here are all the authors! From left to right we have R.C. Lewis, Mindy McGinnis, Elana Johnson, Ann Redisch Stampler, Peggy Eddleman, Lissa Price, Dimitria Lunetta, and Kate Karyus Quinn. Two of the these ladies are Utah authors!

Since it was Rachel's event, she was able to take a few minutes to speak before they got to questions. 

Some of the questions were:

What makes a YA novel YA?
What do you hope your book will add to the YA genre?
Why do you Write YA?
Did you query your first book?

Some of the answers included:

YA is the age of discoveries and firsts.
YA doesn't carry all the baggage that adult books do.
A couple authors work with Teens.
A few of these authors wanted more strong female characters out in the world.
Teens have a sense of adventure that adults don't.

I'm going off of memory here, so I hope I got a lot of those right.

I completely forgot to get my usual picture of the author signing my book!!! GRRR!! I bought Stitching Snow and got it signed. I'm kicking myself for not getting a picture!

Afterwards, Jenni and I made our traditional stop to JCW's. We missed a few of you bloggers!! I hope you ladies come next time!

Upcoming Author Events:

Teen Book Fest with Kiersten White
Saturday, October 25
Noon - 2:00 PM @ Provo Library
Tickets are available

Authorlink with Ally Condie
Tuesday, October 28
7:00 PM @ Provo Library
Tickets are available


  1. That looks fun as usual! I don't know many of those authors! Did it sound like they had awesome books? I hope to go to those other events. We'll see. Did you guys get any extra tickets?

    1. Jenni and I both have some extra tickets, but it isn't too late to get some. They have a ton. I'm interested in all of their books but one.

  2. Nice recap. Your answers are spot on, at least for what I remembered. It was definitely a fun night.

    Suey, yes, we both have extra tickets. And, many of the books sounded interesting. Also, RC Lewis didn't start writing until she was 30!