Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Top Ten Tuesday: Book Places to Visit

Top Ten Places Books Have Made Me Want to Visit

This will be hard to narrow down to ten!

Middle Earth is definitely at the top of the list!

I'd love to visit Green Gables on Prince Edward Island!

Ixia and Sitia from Maria V. Snyder's books

Theatre Illuminata from this lovely series!

Prydain from Lloyd Alexander's books

Who hasn't looked in the back of wardrobes for Narnia?

If I got to visit Camp Half-Blood, it would mean I was a Demi-God!

I'd want to attend the Gallagher Academy as a student, not a visitor.

Do comics count as books? Cause if they do . . . 

The Marvel Universe (don't make fun of me)

The Batcave

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  1. Agh, reading this just reminded me about the Theatre Illuminata! I read the first book many years ago, really liked it, and never got around to finding the second or the third! D: I must get on it, now! Loved your list!