Thursday, January 15, 2015

Into the Woods

My Thoughts:

-    This was a good adaptation of the play. I enjoyed it.

-    I usually only watch the first half of the play. Everything ends nice, and all the good songs are done. Plus the whole play is super long. I was glad they shortened the last half. They cut out quite a bit. 

-    The cast did amazing! Everyone was perfect for their role. I didn't know Chris Pine and Emily Blunt could sing. Red Riding Hood is my favorite.

-    I laughed a lot. The humor seemed magnified in this movie. It was great. 

-    I kinda wished they'd cast Bernadette Peters as the witch, but Meryl Streep did good.

-    Loved Johnny Depp as the wolf!

-    The music was great, the scenery was great, I'd recommend seeing it. 


  1. I've only ever scene the first scene of the play, when they sing "I Wish," so I couldn't compare the two adaptations when I saw the movie. But I really liked the film! - Maggie @ macarons & paperbacks

  2. I've been wanting to see this so badly! I haven't been able to convince my non-musical-loving husband to go see it with me yet. (YET. MUAHAHA.) I love this musical, but I agree, the second half does tend to drag. I'm glad they shortened it. And I'm totally with you on Bernadette Peters. It's not often that I think Meryl Streep was miscast, but I wish BP could have reprised her role!

  3. While I'm glad Rapunzel didn't die in the movie, I love the entire play and wish they would've kept it in tact, but I still loved the movie and at least they had my two favorite songs from the second act in it. :D

  4. I guess I should see this one. I only ever liked the first half too.