Saturday, January 31, 2015

Lost in a Harem

My Thoughts:

-    Many of you don't know, but I'm a HUGE Abbott and Costello fan! To me, they will be the greatest comedy team of all time.

-    Of all the Abbott and Costello movies, and there are a lot, this one is my most favorite. It was my first Abbott and Costello movie, and I'm a bit nostalgic about it. My sister and I watched it all the time. We had a lot of laughs. 

-    I'm a tad biased, but I do enjoy the parts with Jimmy Dorsey. I named my clarinet after him.

-    This movie is pretty darn old, but I still find enjoyment out of it. Costello falling down and getting slapped never gets old.

-    Of course this has a few classic Abbott and Costello skits in it. My favorites are the magic trick and "SLOWLY I TURN!" 

-    I also like that this takes place in the middle east somewhere. The costumes and settings are fun. 

-    If you like slap stick and witty humor, and if you don't mind old black and white pictures, I highly recommend this one! 

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