Monday, January 26, 2015

We Bought a Zoo

My Thoughts:

-    Suey said Jenni and I had to watch this movie, especially since we're animal lovers. She has been wanting us to watch this for a while, so on our movie night, we watched Chocolat AND this. It was a long but awesome movie night.

-    Despite Matt Damon, I liked it. It was cute, heart-warming, and fun. 

-    I loved that little red head girl. She was SO adorable!

-    I want to buy a zoo!

-    The tiger broke my heart. He was in pain and super old. It was hard to see that.

-    The father/son relationship was frustrating. The kid needed a kick in the butt, and the dad was being too lax. I sort of liked how they resolved it, but it took way too long. 

-    I liked Scarlett Johansson a lot. She did good, but she needs a new hair style.

-    I LOVED all the animals. Thinking about that bear taking a stroll through town still puts a smile on my face. 

-    Overall, this is a great family friendly movie. If you have a tender heart, watch it with a tissue. 


  1. I agree with everything you said. :D It was a fun movie. Poor tiger. :(

  2. Despite Matt Damon? I loved him in this! :) But the little girl did steal the show. And the boy was a pain, but he was dang cute too! Hey, everything and everyone in this movie is cute!!! Cute cute cute!