Friday, July 22, 2016

Fan Art Friday: Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone


Wow! I knew I would find a lot for this book, but I was still amazed! I tried to only include art that was not based on the book illustrations or the movie. This might be the longest FAF I've ever done, but I couldn't leave out any of these! They are all SO good! I only included art specifically for The Sorcerer's Stone, so no generic Harry Potter art. I hope you enjoy looking through all the amazing artwork!

Aren't these amazing!?!?
I can't pick a favorite! I love the unique art styles. Each on is so different. I also love all the different scenes portrayed.

Which is your favorite?

All the pictures are linked to the artist/source where I found them. If you'd like to see them better or see more from a specific artist, please click on the picture.


  1. I really love number 6 and 18. These are all great though.

  2. I have a favorite Harry Potter fan artist so I don't like any of these quite as much as I like that artist's work. However, I really like #11 with Harry and Hagrid. It's just fun and goofy.

  3. These are great. I really like #10, 20, and 29.

  4. These are fantastic! I love that one of Ron standing in front of the chess pieces, and the one of Hagrid holding the pink umbrella.

  5. These are all so amazing!! I can't pick a favorite at all!