Monday, July 18, 2016

Saturday's Warrior

My Thoughts:

-    I used to watch the 1989 version of this when I was a kid. I loved it. I loved the songs and I used to sing along. I remember watching this with my family on Sundays, and we loved it. I was excited when I heard they were remaking it. Sadly, I was disappointed.

-    I didn't like Jimmy. His voice really bugged me. It was really high and whiny. He killed his songs.

-    Julie also bugged me a little bit. 

-    One of the main things that disappointed me was they left out some songs, and they shortened a lot of the songs. There were new songs, and I liked those.

-    The Piano Guys cameo was fun! 

-    I didn't like when Emily haunted Jimmy. It was weird.

-    I liked getting more background on Tod. That was interesting.

-    Overall, I like the 1989 version better. I like the cast better. 

-    This movie is not for everyone. It hits you over the head with religion, mainly LDS religion. There are a few things that are not doctrinally correct, but I can overlook those things and laugh about it.

-    Seeing Alex Boye on the big screen was fun. His family was in our old ward, and it was fun but weird to see him in a movie. When I see him, all I can think about are his cute kids. 

-    After the movie was over, this guy stood up, turned around, and asked everyone (there was about 10 of us in the theater) if we liked the movie. Turns out this guy played Elder Kestler.
He said there were over 360 auditions for his role, and he was the lucky winner. One of the items on his bucket list was to be in a movie, and he is happy he can check that off. He said most of the actors came from LA, and not all of them were LDS. He is LDS and served a mission in his humble way. 

-    If you are a fan of Saturday's Warrior, I'd suggest seeing it.


  1. I grew up on the 1989 version as well- my cousins were Elder Kesler and Jimmy (did you know they were brothers?)
    I'm kinda scared to see the new movie- but of course the movie is the original version whereas the 1989 did leave out a lot of songs I've heard. But I'll see it anyway sometime!

  2. I haven't seen the older version for years!! I'd rather not see this one I'm thinking.