Monday, April 22, 2013

Revolting Rhymes

Revolting RhymesGoodreads Bit:    Fairy Tales have never been more revolting!

Six of the best-known fairy tales are retold, with some extremely surprising twists, by the master of the comic and bloodcurdling- Roald Dahl.

My Thoughts:

-    I love Roald Dahl's humor. It is so unique!

-    I like Quentin Blake's illustrations, and I think they really fit Dahl's books, but I feel like even I could have do drawings like this.

-    The Cinderella was peculiar. It was a tad barbaric yet funny.

-    Jack and the Beanstalk was hilarious!

-    The evil Queen in Snow White has quite the rack.

-    This was a weird and more modern Snow White story.

-    Why was Snow White blonde?

-    I've always thought Goldilocks was a jerk! I love that The Three Bears poem depicts that!

-    I love what Red Riding hood does to the wolf!

-    The end of The Three Little Pigs is awful!

-    The picture of the wolf licking the pig's tail is a bit weird!

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