Monday, April 8, 2013

Slipper and the Rose

(I couldn't find a trailer)

My Thoughts:

-    This is one of my favorite Cinderella movies. It might be the favorite actually.

-    I love the music and the songs!

-    Some songs seem so out of place, but they fit.

-    I like the Fairy Godmother, and I like how she makes multiple appearances to help Cinderella. This is a unique take on the Fairy Godmother, and I really enjoyed her character.

-    I didn't like the carriage design. It was a little too much.

-    I love that Cinderella's alias is Princess Incognita! HA HA HA!

-    I like the Prince's voice a lot.

-    I like the Prince and John's friendship. It added a whole new dynamic to the story.

-    I really like the transformation down the stairs. I don't know how they pulled if off back then, but it must have taken forever to plan and shoot. I think it is cool.

-    There is a different and sad twist towards the end, and I like how it adds a little more suspense.

-    I love the dog! He is so cute!

-    In this version, politics come into play, and it makes it feel more realistic. 

-    Cinderella has a really sweet voice.

-    This isn't the typical Cinderella story, and I really enjoy it! Those British people did a great job retelling this classic tale!

-    The acting is good, the story is great, the music is awesome! I enjoy this show!

Hubby's Thought:

-    It's pretty light outside for midnight

Tyson's Thoughts:

-    I want a bride finding ball. That is lucky!

-    I fee like that cousin guy would not want a bride finding ball. He'd want another kind of ball.

-    I like how everyone has the George Washington wig. Everyone looks important.

-    Is it sad I find Cinderella more attractive while she's working?

-    Cinderella has a kinky curtsy.

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  1. Oooh, this is a great version of Cinderella! Loved all the different thoughts.