Thursday, May 22, 2014


My Thoughts:

-    I didn't like it.

-    Four was good. I pictured him bigger, but the character was portrayed.

-    Tris was okay.

-    There were too many characters for a movie. We didn't get to know Al or Will very well. What happened to Al wasn't as devastating in the movie as it was in the book.

-    The chasm was weak sauce! 

-    Peter was weak sauce too! He wasn't ruthless enough. No one got stabbed in the eye!

-    It was a little slow and boring at parts. The ending was good, but they messed some things up.

-    Will and Al looked too much alike. I hate it when they do that in movies. Side characters should be easily recognized. 

-    I liked the zip line. It was a longer and more intense ride than in the book, but I liked it. 

-    I liked how the factions were portrayed. They did a good job creating the futuristic Chicago.

-    I probably won't buy this movie, and I don't really care to see it again, but it was worth seeing once.


  1. Really, you didn't like it? I guess I had anticipated it being horrible and hating both the main actors that when I saw it I thought it was really good! Plus I loved the music! That alone can make me love a movie!

    1. I think my expectations might have been a little high for this movie. I wanted the awesome of The Hunger Games movies.

  2. I liked it! I thought Four was perfect and Tris not bad either. I do agree that Will and Al looked too much alike. I'd forgotten enough about the book to not be bothered about the chasm or the lack of an eye incident. (Kristina hanging over the chasm in that one scene was not weak sauce! I was dying!) Speaking of that, Eric was pretty ruthless, yes?

    1. Not the chasm scene, just the chasm itself was lame. Not big enough and no water.

  3. I didn't like the Chasm either. I thought it wasn't done as well as the scene was in the book. And, Peter definitely wasn't as ruthless as he was in the book. I hated that part of it. But, I did like most of the other adaptation and the actors. I'm glad you saw it.