Thursday, May 15, 2014

Fellowship of the Ring: Book 1 Discussion Post

Is everyone enjoying the book? I am!!

Ready for my questions?
Please link your answer post below! I look forward to reading your thoughts!

1.    Is this your first time reading or a re-read? What do you think so far?

2.    Jenni hates the songs, I love them. How do you feel about them?

3.    The Hobbits live a simple and peaceful life. Tolkien considered himself a hobbit. How about you? Do you relate to the hobbits, or would you be another race?

4.    What are some differences between the movie and book that you like?

5.    What are some differences you hate?

6.    Why do you think the ring didn't work on Tom Bombadil?

7.    How do you feel about Frodo selling Bag End, especially to the Sackville-Bagginses?

8.    What do you think about Tolkien's writing style? 

9.    Do you picture the actors from the movie in your head, or do you picture your own characters?

10.    Jenni wanted me to ask about Tom Bombadil. She hates him, I enjoy him. How do you feel about him?

I'll be hosting a Twitter Chat tomorrow!
Friday, May 16
7:00 PM (Mountain Time)

Join us!


  1. Great questions! I can hardly remember Tom. Which I way I really need to go re-read so I can remember if I like him or not...

  2. I want to read your answers, dang it!

  3. Finally did my read along answers. Thanks so much to you and Jenni for hosting this. I'm so glad to be "forced" to read the series.

  4. Aaaah I love LotR! I haven't read it in ages though because whenever the craving strikes me I watch the films! Warning, there are some questions coming up! Can I still join in the read-a-long? And will there be questions for Book 2 etc.? This is going to be my first read-a-long in ages, so I'm slightly ridiculously excited! :)

    1. Of course you can still join! Yes, we'll be having a discussion post for each Book!