Thursday, May 1, 2014

Fellowship of the Rings Starting Line

Let the reading begin!

This is the version I'm going to read!
Isn't it pretty!? I love the illustrations by Alan Lee! They inspired the movies.
My Lord of the Rings books were one of the best Christmas presents ever!

Anyway, for this read-along here is the page break down for my version or a similar one:

Book 1:    14.5 pages a day
Book 2:    About 12 pages a day

Doable right!?

Let's do this thing!!

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  1. I love Alan Lee's art too. I hope you have fun!! Love LOTR

  2. Alan Lee draws some amazing LoTR art.
    I wish I could join in but good luck!!

  3. It feels so much more doable when you break it down like that!