Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Character Challenge & Giveaway

Mini Challenge

How You Play:

I'm going to describe a character from a book by a Utah Author.
You must figure out who it is and what book they are from.
Please fill in you answers in the Google Form below!

Good luck!

Character #1
-    I'm supposed to marry my best friend.
-    My society is only allowed 100 songs, 100 poems, 100 paintings, etc.
-    I fall in love with the wrong boy.
-    I'm not supposed to know how to write, but someone is teaching me.
-    I'm really good at sorting things.

Character #2
-    I'm a soldier returned from war.
-    I enjoy knitting and gardening.
-    An old woman gave me an invisibility cloak.
-    I want to save 12 sisters from a curse.
-    I marry the eldest sister, Rose.

Character #3
-    My story is based on a Grimm fairy tale called Maid Maleen.
-    My lady and I are locked in a tower for years.
-    I impersonate my lady while speaking with her suitor.
-    I could be killed for the things I write in my journal.
-    My songs are calming and healing.


If you finished my mini challenge, you will be entered into the giveaway!

Prize - $10 Amazon Gift Card

At the end of the month, I'll reveal the characters and the winner!
Thanks for participating!


  1. Yeah, I knew the first one, but I have no clue who the other two are. I'm lame.

  2. Love it! What a great idea for a post. I'm pretty sure I know the first and third one, but I guessed on the second one. :)

  3. I've read all three of these and can't think of their names. Oh well! Fun quiz. :)

  4. Awesome mini-challenge as per usual. I was very pleased that I immediately knew each of the three books, but I admit I had to look up the character names.