Monday, August 25, 2014

The Lego Movie

My Thoughts:

-    This was the spazziest movie I've ever seen. It was crazy. 

-    That was a horrible HORRIBLE Batman. I didn't like Han Solo either. Bad Batman + Bad Han Solo = TERRIBLE! You can't mess with two of my favorites!

-    I thought the talking legos would bug me, but I was actually okay with it.

-    I liked the way the legos moved around and fell apart. That was fun.

-    Yes, the Everything is Awesome song got stuck in my head, and I didn't hate it.

-    There was a lot of Will Ferrell, and I hate Will Ferrell!

-    I liked the end messages of the movie. At least there was some moral value after this acid trip.


  1. We watched this movie this weekend too. I knew you'd hate the Batman. And, yeah, I didn't really care about Han Solo either. Thankfully, he was only in it for 5 seconds. And, yeah, the song is stuck in my head too.

  2. I really loved this movie myself. I actually just played the video game version. I wasn't going to play it and then I saw the library had it for free so I thought... why not?? It was way fun. Too bad you didn't like Batman!

  3. So did you dislike it on the whole? Or just some things about it? I like it, but my kids sing that song CONSTANTLY. My youngest just scratched our DVD though so they may be moving on to something else. :)