Thursday, July 16, 2015

Graphic Novels

*step on soap box*

Let us talk of graphic novels!

People like to give me grief about reading graphic novels and having them count as a book I've read this year. They see my Goodreads reading challenge count go up, and they say it isn't fair. Why is that a problem? You guys can read them too? 

Let us talk of why I have no problem counting them:

1.    They are on Goodreads! I say if Goodreads has them listed, they count!

2.    It takes me the same amount of time to read a graphic novel as it would a middle grade book, and no one gives me grief about middle grade books.

3.    Everyone can read graphic novels and count them as well!

4.    They are still stories. Yes, there are lots of pictures, but I'm still READING! They are just a different genre/style of book.

5.    I just picked up a graphic novel from the library that I want to read, and it is almost 500 pages long!!

6.    Most of the comic books I read are 10 issues in one. 10 comics that I count as ONE!

7.    I think you guys are just jealous of my awesome read count.

8.    A lot of work go into these books, and I really appreciate the art that is a graphic novel/comic.

9.    Graphic novels are NOT lesser books! They are just as awesome!

Last one, but I could go on and on!

10.    Why do you people care if I count them? This is my hobby and joy! Don't be a kill joy!

Thank You!

*stop off soap box*


  1. People really complain about it to you? I don't count comic books, but that's my personal choice, just like I don't count audio books. But, I don't care if other people count them. Like you said, who cares if you count them? It's your choice.

  2. Yeah, people give you crap? Point them out and I'll take 'em out for you. ;)

  3. I have no problem with this. A book is a book. If we wanted Goodreads challenges to be more fair, we should count pages instead of books. Reading a picture book (and I do count these in my challenge!) is different from reading a 1000 page Russian classic, but that's just how it goes. :) It's not as if this is an actual competition or anything anyway. Why complain about what people count?

  4. Hahaha! I feel like giving you a virtual high five. I'm not a big graphic novel reader, but it's a pet peeve of mine when others try to tell me (or anyone else) whether my reading choices are valid. Just because it's YA doesn't mean it's fluffy. Just because it's chick lit doesn't mean it's light. And just because it's a graphic novel doesn't mean it's not a book! I'm with you, Kami! Don't let the muggles get you down.