Monday, July 13, 2015

Two Hearts: When I Said I Do, I Meant Forever

I recieved a copy of this book from the author for my honest opinion.

From the Back of the Cover:    Jaxon Taggot is a good Montana-grown farm boy that is sensitive, hard-working, and strikingly handsome. Any girl would feel lucky to have Jaxon claim her as his own, but Jaxon's heart is fixed on his high school sweetheart, Annie. Jaxon plans a romantic evening, which concludes with his proposal. He asks Annie if she will unite her heart with his, as one, forever.

Annie's mother, a victim of her own failed marriage, forbids Annie to accept Jaxon's proposal, for there is no such thing as true love - that only exists in fairy tales. Annie's heart belongs to Jaxon, always has, and she accepts his proposal against her mother's demands.

But life's challenges set in, mightily testing their love, from infidelity, ranch foreclosure, hired killers hunting them, a brutal grizzly attack - can their Two Hearts remain as one, or will the whirlwinds of life sever their true love forever.

My Thoughts:

-    I've been wanting to read more books out of my comfort zone, so when I was approached to review this book, I thought, "Why not?" I'm glad I accepted!

-    I was a little skeptical of this story. I'm not big on Romance, and this was an Adult book. I usually read YA, and I rarely read a Romance YA.  I was pleasantly surprised by how interested the story was, and how connected I felt to the characters.

-    The book kept me interested the whole way through.

-    I am very impressed on how this male author nailed a lot of a woman's/wife's emotions and actions. There were a few times where I thought Annie overreacted, or was too upset about something, but I don't have the same background as her, so I can't really say how I'd act in those circumstances. Overall, I like how the author handled Annie.

-    Jax is an amazing guy. He is very loyal, independent, and hard working. Plus he is hot and can shoot a gun! I love how he always counseled with Annie during big decisions, and Annie was always the first person he wanted to see and talk to. He was so devoted! 

-    I was really attached to Jax and Annie. I was cheering for them and their relationship the whole way through.

-    There were too many explanations during some parts. It slowed things down a little bit, but not much. The explanations were usually short, but I felt like they weren't needed.

-    The second half of the book really picked up. There were a lot of exciting and eventful things going down. I couldn't stop reading. I just had to know what happened and if everything turned out okay.

-    The last few sentences were a bit cheesy, and I can't believe Annie didn't know! Hello!!

-    Overall, this book is a sweet good clean read. I highly recommend it to romance lovers. 


  1. Sweet! I love when you branch out of your comfort zone and end up thoroughly enjoying yourself!

  2. Thank you Kami for your review of Two Hearts. I loved the format and the thoughtful details of your review. Thank you also for posting your review on Amazon. I'm glad you accepted to read Two Hearts even though it was out of your comfort zone. I'm glad you enjoyed it. Cheers.

    1. Wow! Thanks for letting me review your book. It was fun! I'd be willing to read more of your work.