Monday, July 6, 2015

Valynne's Launch Party

I'm still behind on posts! It just never ends! I need help!

A while ago I attended Valynne's launch party for Ink and Ashes.

She had a great presentation and wore an awesome Kimono!

Things she touched on in her presentation (I actually took notes this time!):

-    Valynne wrote the book for her younger sister a long time ago. She wanted to give her sister a book with a character she could relate to.

-    The characters in the book were named after Valynne's sister's best friends.

-    Valynne didn't know how to write a mystery, so she bought a book on how to write a mystery after she won the New Visions Award.

-    She talked about how authors are very aware of their weaknesses, and they are glaring them in the face during the writing process.

-    Since she won the award, she had a lot of say in the cover. She even got the New Visions Award emblem changed.

It was a great presentation, and Valynne spoke from the heart. She feels very strongly about a lot of things, and it was nice to hear her speak so passionately about her opinions.

Valynne signing my book!

Jenni, Jenny, Valynne, Suey, and me! We finally got a picture that isn't blurry!!

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