Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Discussion on Parts 1-3

How is the reading going? Do you Love it!?!? I do!! I feel like I'm falling in love all over again! I love seeing everyone's thoughts and quotes on twitter! This Read Along has been really fun for me!

Head on over to Suey's blog! She is hosting this discussion post, and she has a twitter chat planned for tomorrow! She also has some fun questions to answer with a linky!

Here are my answers to her question!

1. What's your first impression of Death as a character/narrator?

I LOVE Death as a character! Having Death as a narrator is so unique and fun, and it gives the story the perfect feel. I love how Death notices small things, like colors and small acts. His perspective on life is very different, and I love it! Death is one of the things that makes this book so beautiful.

2. What's your first impression of the unique writing style?

Love it! It is very beautiful and poetic! It is a very unique style, and I feel like the whole story and the small individual sentences and thoughts are more powerful because of the unique writing style! Things stand out more! I often pause to ponder a small thought I just read. 

3. Which character stands out to you the most so far and why?

Liesel obviously stands out as the main character, but Hans Hubermann will always be my favorite. He is so tender and loving. I love how much he does for Liesel. The moment he started to comfort Liesel with her nightmare, he won me over! After the bed wetting, reading to Liesel, and teaching her to read, it was a done deal! Hans will forever be one of the greatest men in literature for me! 

4. What do you think the author is trying to say about the power of words?

Words are powerful! Words mean something. Words can comfort, scare, encourage, hurt, and so much more! To me, books and the written word is so special. It is beautiful and sacred. I think Liesel feels the same. To Liesel, I think words are strength and comfort. 

5. How do you feel about all the foreshadowing that's going on?

I use to hate it, but now it just feels right. The Book Thief would not be the same without the foreshadowing. It makes the events that just happened stand out more! It makes each moment mean more! Even though I know what is coming, I still cry at the end. I still don't want to believe it is coming. 

6. Also, how do you feel about all that German swearing?!? 

Ha ha ha! It makes me laugh! I love all the Saumensch and Saukerl going around! I laugh when Rosa goes on her rants, but it cracks me up even more that Liesel and Rudy have picked up on it too. 

7. What do you think about the relationship between Hans and Rosa?

I think their relationship is more typical than we think. I think Hans and Rosa love each other deep down. They go through, and have gone through, so much together. I think Rosa's mean demeanor is a front. I think she is protecting herself from everything going on around her, and I think Hans knows that. 

8. What do you think about the relationship between Rudy and Liesel?

The "thing" between Rudy and Liesel is cute! I love it! I think Rudy is a typical boy with a crush. He is mean to Liesel, but is also very caring. Deep down, I think Liesel has feelings for Rudy, but she just doesn't know it yet.

9.  What are your feelings on the politics of the time that we've seen so far?

I think it is sad. I've never stopped to think about Germans in Germany during WWII before. Some of them embraced the changes, and others were scared. I can't imagine how it would be to HAVE to support the tyranny whether you liked it or not. It would be awful. These people lived in constant fear. As we see with Hans and Hans Junior, the politics tore families apart. I was scared that Hans Junior might turn Hans in for not supporting the Nazi party. It is all very sad. 

10. What images and/or symbols stand out for you in this story so far?

Words and books obviously stand out to me. The fact that Liesel feels she has to steal books stands out. I think Death is more than just a character, he is also a symbol. Rudy's fascination with Jesse Owens is interesting to me. I don't know if Rudy likes Jesse Owens himself or if he just loves the idea of victory and being the best. The moment/image of Hans slapping Liesel has always stuck with me. It just makes my heart ache for both of them! It must have tortured Hans to do that, but he had to! 

Great questions Suey! They were kind of hard to answer!

Don't forget to stop over at Suey's blog!! We'll meet back here on Sept. 20 for a discussion about Parts 4-6! I'm excited! We get to read and talk about Max, and his influence on Liesel! These parts also have some fun illustrations by Max/Markus Zusak!


  1. Ditto on Death and the writing style! I think your thoughts on the relationship between Hans and Rosa is spot on. Great thoughts here!

  2. I feel like we are pretty much on the same page with all these questions and answers. Whatdayaknow!? :) Glad you are enjoying the re-read too. Is it the second time around for you? Or even more than that?

  3. I like your view on Hans and Rosa. She got on my nerves on occasion because everyone had reason to complain, but it seemed like she did it the most! :)
    I'm afraid there will be a lot of crying at the end of this. But I'm still enjoying it a lot.

  4. I agree with so much in your answers! I thought Death was a great narrator, both a creative choice and really perfect for the feel of the story. I'm often bothered by foreshadowing of bad things since it can stress me out, but in this case, I really don't mind. Maybe the beautiful writing is just too distracting to worry about what's coming next.

  5. Yes yes yes to the whole Death thing! It is what makes it so beautiful!

    And I agree about Rudy and Liesel...I can't wait to see where their relationship goes!

  6. I really like what you said about Death and the writing style. And, I'm just starting to see how important they are. I can't wait to see how they continue to impact the story.