Wednesday, September 4, 2013

The Savage Grace

10345642Goodreads Synopsis:    A troubled soul. An impossible choice. A final battle.

Wrestling with the werewolf curse pulsing deep inside of her, Grace Divine was finally able to find her brother, but it nearly cost her everything.

With her boyfriend, Daniel, stuck in wolf form and Sirhan's death approaching, time is running out for Grace to stop Caleb Kalbi and his gang of demons. If she fails, her family and hometown will perish. Everything rests on Grace's shoulders.

The final installment in The Dark Divine trilogy brings Daniel and Grace's love story to a breathtaking conclusion.

My Thoughts:

-    This book was fantastic! I loved it! It was the perfect ending to this trilogy!

-    In the beginning there was so much pain and sadness. It was quite depressing, but then Grace realizes what she is meant to do, and the everything starts getting hopeful and happy!

-    I love how Grace reconciles her relationships and how she became so loving and compassionate. I want to be her friend!

-    There were some epic Buffy fights! I loved all the action and battle scenes! It was thrilling! Paranormal action is so much fun! All the characters were pushed to the limits, and the danger and fear was so tangible! More books need action like this!

-    I really love how everything was resolved. I feel like this ending was appropriate. It was hopeful yet solemn. There is one thing I still wonder about though. I'm sure there will be epic battles in the future for Grace and Daniel, but I'm happy with how everything ended. 

-    There was a bit towards the end that happened to be VERY similar to a Bible story. It is the one about an ear getting chopped off and a certain divine individual heals the ear. Ya, I noticed that! 

-    The character development from the first book to the end of this one was brilliant! I loved how Grace and Daniel's characters evolved. I loved the change that came over each character as they faced their own individual challenges. Jude's character was especially complicated, and I admit I cried for him. 

-    I really like the Divine family and the struggles they went through. I respect this family very much, and I can't even begin to understand how hard everything was for Grace's parents. It would be awful to see your children go through so many hardships. I think Grace's parents played their roles very well. They were there for their children, but ultimately let them do what they had to do regardless of the danger. 

-    I still saw and felt the Twilightish elements, but I've accepted it. I just tell myself this is like Twilight but good.

-    I think what I loved most about the series was that it wasn't just about a boy and girl in love. I wasn't just about werewolves. It was about people! It was about relationships, growing, challenges, forgiveness, heartache, redemption, and so much more! I loved all the morals and lessons! They way that Christianity is mixed into the story is well done and so uplifting. I felt good after reading each book. 

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  1. I'm so glad you loved this! And, that you thought it was the perfect ending to the series. I did too. :)

  2. I read this a while ago but I was very sad for Jude as well. The Christianity being mixed in was really interesting in these books and I thought it was very well done. Nice review!