Wednesday, September 18, 2013

In Which I Converse with Ben Folds about Brigham Young

It is no secret that I'm a big Ben Folds fan. I follow him on Twitter, and last Saturday, he tweeted me back!!! I had a conversation with BEN FOLDS!!! EEEE!! The crazy thing is that it was about Brigham Young. It kinda made it more awesome!

Here is our conversation:

Last time in Salt Lake City my kids were photobombed by . See you Wed night at The Depot.

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That would be Brigham Young.

really? Oops! Sorry! And I went to the museum and everything!

It's alright. Maybe your guide was misleading.

looks like most images of BY depict a man with a beard tho. You sure?

Pretty sure. He has a cane and there are mountains in the background, and Joseph Smith never made it to SLC and never had a cane.

Brigham Young didn't have a beard in his younger days.

Oops thank you! You're right. Apologies to Smith and Young. (AND Smith and Wesson) KIDS: last photo is of Brigham Young

You're welcome! Glad to be of service.

p.s. I expect an awesome discount on tickets to your next concert in SLC now.

Sure. it's Wed night at The Depot. Solo Show

Dang! I have book club that night. I'll catch ya on your next trip here.

Then someone said:

Sod book club! Go see Ben!

I'm still kinda freaking out about this! Too bad I have book club tonight, or I'd go see him! I'd cash in on that discount too!


  1. You are choosing book club over Ben? What??? And book club is only tonight because of the Muse concert, so you see what I chose! Anyway, awesome twitter exchange!

  2. This is crazy!

    Also, I'm impressed you gave up a concert for book club.