Sunday, September 1, 2013

The Book Thief Read Along Kickoff!


I am co-hosting this fun adventure with my good friends Suey and Kathy. Make sure to stop by their blogs to see their kick off posts!

I'm so excited!
We have a lot of fun things planned!

Here is the schedule for the month:

Sept 10:  Suey will be hosting a discussion post on Parts 1-3. (That is 17 pages a day, in case you were wondering.)

Sept 20:  I will be hosting a discussion post on Parts 4-6. (That is about 18 pages a day.)

Sept 30:  Kathy will be hosting a discussion post on Parts 7-10. (That is about 20 pages a day.)

I hope that page break down will help you not feel too overwhelmed. You can read at your own pace, but if you wanted to read at a steady pace and stretch the book out over the month, I thought I'd show you the numbers.

We'll also be hosting twitter chats throughout the month! Make sure to check our discussion posts for details! We'll be using #bookthief for all our chats and any other tweets we send out! We are going to tweet our thoughts while we read, so you are welcome to join in that.

We will also be hosting some giveaways! You won't want to miss them!

For those of you who live in Utah around the Utah county area, we are going to get a group together to go see the movie in November! For those of you outside our area, maybe you can go at the same time as us, or get your own group together!

If you still want to join, it isn't too late!! You can still sign up on any of our sign up posts!



  1. Thanks for breaking it down by pages! This is totally doable! :)

  2. Don't know if that page thing is good thing to know or not!

  3. I'm so happy for the page breakdown. Makes it much easier to pace myself. I may have already read ahead today... :)