Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Blogger Interview

Utah Book Month Blogger Interview

I received the pleasure of interviewing Kathy From Read This Instead.  Kathy and I have not had the opportunity to meet face to face, but I'm sure we'll run into each other soon at some library event.  From what I've gathered via Twitter and Email, she is a very kind and awesome lady!  

Here are My Questions and Her Answers:

1.    If you could have a story written about you, what author would you pick to write it and why?

For my "adult" life (being married/having kids) I'd pick Shannon Hale because I think she could manage to find a plot in all the diaper changing/dinner making/play grouping that goes on.  But if it were my teen years, definitely E. Lockhart.  She could capture all the over thinking and angst and annoying-ness of that time and still make me a likeable character.

2.    What is the best and worst thing about blogging?

The best for me is getting to know other bloggers and making bookish friends.
The worst is when I don't have time to blog, or I can't come up with anything interesting to post about.

3.    What are the top 5 books that have changed your life?

Harry Potter, because it's the first thing I read as an adult and really liked.
The Hunger Games, because it proved there were other books besides Harry Potter that I could enjoy.
Pride and Prejudice, because it showed me I could enjoy a book later in life that I didn't like in high school.
Fanny's Dream, because it's just a cute children'd book.

4.    What are some of the perks of being a Utah Blogger?

We have such a great community of bloggers!  I love that there are so many events and that everyone is really friendly.  I started out not knowing any other Utah Bloggers and was worried I'd feel stupid going to stuff.  But everyone has been incredibly nice.

5.     If you could meet any author (dead or alive), who would it be and why?

I don't think I'd want to actually meet anyone - just because I manage to say or do really silly and embarrassing things at author meets and greets.  Like, seriously embarrassing.  I won't even go into details.  But I love to listen to the different lectures authors give at the library.  I just get nervous and silly talking to them afterward.

6.    How do you find the time to read and keep up with your blog while running a home with 2 cute little boys?

Thanks :) Sometimes I just don't.  I've been blogging since March of last year and I've already gone on a hiatus twice because I had too many other things going on.  But I really like blogging and all the friends I've made from it, so I try to post here and there when I get a chance or my kiddos are asleep.  lately I've been focusing more on visiting other blogs than writing my own posts.

7.    What is one book you think everyone should read in their lifetime?

I don't think there's one particular book that would work for everyone.  So my cop out answer is whatever book will make them realize it's fun to read.  For me, that was the Harry Potter series.

8.    What are your ultimate blogging goals?

To create good relationships with other bloggers, and to have my blog content be as interesting as I can make it.

9.    What do you like to see on other people's blogs?

I love book reviews, especially if they're in a more unconventional format.  And I really like the occasional personal post.  Blogging is such a social thing for me, so I really like feeling like I get to know other bloggers.

10.   What advice would you like to give other bloggers?

Have fun!  Comment on other people's blogs.  And don't worry too much about followers/page views/stats.  I worried about that way too much in the beginning.

Great answers!  Thanks so much for taking the time to answer these questions, and thanks for contributing to the great literature crowd we have here in Utah! 

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  1. Fun stuff! You'll both be able to meet if you come to the party we've just planned! Aug. 24th! (details posted on my blog today AND the main Utah Book Month blog)

  2. Great interview, Kami! Love your questions.

    And, Kathy, I'm so glad you come to the events when you can even if you can't/don't stay for the signings. It's been fun getting to know you! :D

  3. Great interview! I hope to meet you both in real life soon!

    1. Thanks and Ditto!! Maybe I'll see you on the 24th.

  4. Thanks for hosting me, Kami!
    Also, I promise I can count to five.... I just couldn't think of a fifth influential book at the time. :) I'm excited to meet you & Jessica in real life sometime. Hopefully you'll both be at the social next week!

    1. ha ha! I didn't even notice there were only 4. I am planning on being to the party! I'm excited to meet you!

  5. I'm excited to see you all at the party too! I love when I read a book again and discover that I love it as an adult. I thought the Scarlet Letter was so boring in high school but I thoroughly enjoyed it when I read it again.

  6. Kami, you blew me out of the water with that first question! I've never thought of asking that before. Love this interview! Can't wait to see you and Kathy at the social! You're coming, right?

  7. Kathy, I loved your answer of Shannon Hale finding a plot in all the diaper changing :) I loved all the reasons for you top 5 books. If someone asked me that I would have nothing more interesting to say than "because they were amazing!" So fun to get to know you better.

    Jessica @ Books: A true story