Saturday, August 11, 2012

My Library

Since it is Utah Book Month, I decided to do a little dedicated post about the greatest library in Utah (at least that is my opinion).  

The Provo City Library

Not only is it the best library ever, it is one of the most beautiful buildings in Utah County.  I live in Orem, but I use Provo's library (Orem's library is really sad in comparison, I can't stand going there).  Why is Provo's library so great you ask?  I'll tell you.

1.    They have a wonderful variety of books, movies, audiobooks, etc. to check out!  I can find almost everything here, and if I can't find it, I can request it, and they usually get it.  Awesome!

2.    I love being able to manage my library account online.  I can put books on hold, renew books, search the catalog, see when my books are due, see how many things I have checked out, and see all the upcoming events all from my couch.  Awesome!

3.    I LOVE their checkout system.  I stack a few books over the pad thingy, and ding ding ding, they are checked out to me!  Awesome!

4.    Provo library has SO many author events it is crazy!!  I've met so many authors and have had my books signed!  It is fantastic!  Here is a little list of some of the authors I've met/seen thanks to my library:  Markus Zusak (oh ya!), Christopher Paolini, Rick Riordan, Jennifer A. Nielson, Carol Lynch Williams, Lindsey Leavitt, Kiersten White, Marissa Meyer, Emmy Laybourne, Anna Banks, and lots more!  Awesome!

5.    They also have a bunch of other great events!  I've attended some of their Learn It classes, and I always come out feeling so much smarter and motivated!  I've collected a lot of books from Talk N Swaps.  The summer reading program is the bomb!  So Awesome!

6.    It is easy to navigate.  I love that I can walk right in and find everything.  They have a great layout.  Awesome!

7.    The people who work there are super nice!  And awesome!

8.    A lot of my blogging buddies use this same library, and it fun to see them at events!  Be-Awesome!

If I haven't convinced you yet, then you'll have to just go get a library card for yourself and experience it!  

I love my library!  Thanks to everyone who makes it awesome (staff, community, etc.)!  It's just another thing that makes Utah great!  

Keep up with the Provo City Library's happenings!


  1. I agree with EVERYTHING you said, EXCEPT: I love Orem library! I don't think I could decide between whether I liked Provo or Orem more, except for Provo's author events (which are all kinds of awesome). I can't wait until I can actually get a Provo library card! My new apartment is only a block away. :D Which may have influenced me to rent that apartment... ;)

  2. I love the Provo Library too. I'm not as familiar with the Orem Library. I've only been there once very recently in the last 8 years because I can usually get everything I need at Provo. But, when I went to Orem, I think it was still good. I'm just not as familiar with it.

  3. I've never been to Utah before, but the Provo Library looks beautiful and sounds amazing. The closest library here is as tiny as an apartment, but they've got lots of books piled everywhere.

  4. Yay for the Provo Library! I actually drive past the Orem one on my way to Provo. :) (I just don't know the Orem Library and one time I went and a worker lady there was super rude to me. So I stick with Provo) I agree with everything you've said. One of these days I need to check out a Talk n Swap.

  5. Awesome post, Kami!! I love the Provo Library, and I was very sad to move away from it.

  6. I love this library! Although, I use the Orem library...haven't connected my account to the Provo one yet. I still love the Orem library though, although it definitely isn't as pretty! :)