Friday, August 10, 2012

The Pirate

My Thoughts:

-    I know this will sound ironic, but I thought this movie was really cheesy.  I know musicals are kinda that way anyway, but this one was extra cheesy.  It was really different for an MGM musical.

-    Gene Kelly's dancing was bit different from what I usually see.  It was more twinkle toed.

-    Kelly needed a haircut and to lose the mustache.  He is much cuter that way.  His costumes were very nice though.

-    Judy Garland is so pretty!  

-    Even though it was cheesy, I did laugh a few times.  It had it's funny moments.  Garland should have done more comedies.

-    The dream sequence was really weird.  I really didn't enjoy watching it.

-    Garland and Kelly make a fantastic team!  I love them together.  Between the dancing and singing, it is wonderful!  I wish they had made more movies together!  

-    This wasn't my favorite musical, but it was alright.  I'd watch it again.  

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