Thursday, August 23, 2012

Mirror Mirror

My Thoughts:

-    The whole movie visually stunning!  The colors, the costumes, and the scenes were really well done!  If definitely looked like a fairy tale.

-    At times, the prince had a nice voice, but then at other times he sounded like Brendan Fraser.  It bugged me.  I'm not sure what to think of the prince, but I wish he had been more useful.  

-    The movie was pretty cheesy.  They were aiming for comedy, but ended up with cheesy and oh brother!  The dwarves were especially annoying at times.

-    Snow White's bandit outfit was awesome!  I want one!  

-    I hated how everyone dropped the T in Brighton's name!!  UGH!!!  They kept calling him Brigh-UN!!! It bugged me. 

-    I really liked Snow White.  She did a good job, and she was really pretty.  I thought she fit the role really well.  

-    I usually don't watch movies with Julia Roberts in them, but she was tolerable in this one.

-    This movie made me want to watch Willow!

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