Monday, August 27, 2012

Plants vs. Zombies

My Overall Thoughts:

-    This is a super fun and highly addicting tower defense type game!!  I played for hours and still craved more!

-    I've complete everything I can, but I'm still playing.  Seriously, I did EVERYTHING!  I have ALL the achievements.  I'm going through adventure mode again!

-    This is a great game for all ages!  I enjoyed it on the Xbox 360 just as much as I did on the PC.

My Thoughts on Gameplay:

-    The whole "story" of the game is waves of zombies are attacking your house, and you must plant different varieties of plants to protect your house/brains.

-    Going through adventure mode is a great place to start the game.  It teaches you how to play and introduces you to each plant and what it does as you unlock them.  You'll also get to battle in every scenario.  Fog is my least favorite.

-    Mini Challenges are really fun.  Each level is a different puzzle that makes you think a bit to solve.  Some levels are patterned after other popular PopCap games.

-    Survival levels are hard to get through towards the end.  I had to look online for help on a few of them.  It is played on the pool scenario.  I made it to flag 120 on Endless Survival!!!!

-    After you play for a while, you unlock the Zen Garden.  You can find plants during levels you play or buy some in Dave's shop.  The plants give you money, and you can sell them for lots of money when they're mature.

-    Dave's shop is run by Crazy Dave, apparently he is the only one who has survived the zombie apocalypse cause he's craaaazy!  At Dave's shop you can buy additional (awesome) plants, flowers, house upgrades, additional slots, and various other useful items.  My house is awesome!  Dave runs his shop out of the back of his car.  It's pretty funny.

-    You can play a cool Co-op mode where one player uses plants and the other player plays the zombies.  I personally like playing the zombies.  I think they have the advantage.  You can also play some of the mini challenges and adventure mode with 2 players.

My Thoughts on Control:

-    It is different to play with an Xbox controller rather than a mouse, but it isn't difficult at all.

-    I liked how I could scroll through the plants using the RB and LB.

My Thoughts on Graphics:

-    The graphics aren't anything fancy, but it is fun. 

-    I think the plant and zombie designs are really clever.  They are fun and cartoony.

-    I like that anyone can play this.  The zombies won't scare your little ones, but they are fun enough for adults to play.  

-    Watch Crazy Dave's license plate in his shop.  It changes each time.  Some of them are pretty funny.

My Thoughts on Sound:

-    I find myself humming along to the music and sound effects of the game A LOT!  I also like to say "brains" all deep and gravely like the zombies.  

-    I like Crazy Dave's jibberish!  He is a funny guy.

-    I LOVE the little music video at the end, and the song is highly addicting.  Don't be surprised if you are singing about zombies in your yard all day.  

1 comment:

  1. This is one of my favorite TD games ever! <3
    Got it on the pc, in an older version with the Michael Jackson/Thriller zombie :D

    I play this thing practically every day, between blogging lol

    But, I don't think my older PVZ version has Crazy Dave's license plate changing, will have to especially watch for that!